Club 101 Memberships 🏅

🏅 Membership Tiers of Club 101

Discover the exclusive tiers of membership in Club 101, each offering a unique blend of benefits, rewards, and access within our vibrant community.

🌀 The WYRD Collection - Base Membership

🐉 The Dragon Collection - Premium Membership

  • Ethereum NFT: Premium NFTs minted on Ethereum.

  • Exclusivity and Value: Consolidation of the original Diamond, Sapphire, Gold collections into 3,000 supply, with a floor price of 0.25 ETH.

  • Migration: Holders of original collections will migrate to the consolidated Dragon NFTs.

  • HAMR 🔨 Rewards: All holders receive 5 HAMR Treasure Chest Rewards from the Ancient Dragon Hoard.

  • GAMR Rewards: 1 GAMR Dragon Egg, contingent on Dragon type.

  • Enhanced Benefits: Access to additional exclusive benefits and opportunities.

Embark on your Club 101 journey with a membership that aligns with your aspirations. Whether you're part of The WYRD Collection or The Dragon Collection, a world of opportunities, rewards, and community awaits. 🌟🔑🚀

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