Bahamut (aka Saidin) 🌎

Visionary Adventurer and Master of Sustainable Agriculture

🐲 Ancient Dragon Spotlight: Bahamut, aka Saidin

Welcome to the world of Bahamut, known in the realms of Club 101 as Saidin, an Ancient Dragon whose life journey encompasses global exploration, cultural immersion, and a deep commitment to sustainable practices.

A Life of Adventure and Business Acumen

  • Global Explorer: Born in the San Francisco Bay Area and holding a degree in English Literature, Saidin is a seasoned world traveler, having visited 54 countries and experienced adventures from Everest Base Camp to Antarctica.

  • Diverse Professional Ventures: Fluent in business, Saidin has built and managed successful enterprises, delighting customers in Michelin-starred restaurants and contributing to local charities.

A Passion for Sustainability and Growth

  • Versatile Entrepreneur: From VP of Operations in a pet shampoo company to cultivating a sustainable farm, Saidin's ventures reflect his passion for learning, growth, and environmental stewardship.

  • Supporting Sustainable Agriculture: His commitment to producing top-quality vegetables for renowned restaurants showcases his dedication to sustainable practices.

Embracing the Digital Frontier

  • Crypto and NFT Enthusiast: Saidin's foray into crypto and NFTs in 2021 marked a turning point, recognizing their potential for community-building and investment.

  • A Collector of Vision: With a philosophy of "NFTs you HODL," he embodies the long-term value and community spirit in digital assets.

Founding Club 101

  • Inspired to Create: His love for Ethereum Towers led him to join forces with fellow Ancient Dragons, giving birth to Club 101 – a platform fostering mutual support and seizing opportunities.

  • Embodying Honor and Justice: Named after the Platinum Dragon of Dungeons & Dragons, Saidin seeks to reflect values of honor, justice, and compassion in his role as an Ancient Dragon.

A Visionary Beginning

  • Welcoming Members: As we embark on this journey together, the sky is not a limit but our front window, an expansive horizon filled with endless possibilities.

Ancient Dragon Bahamut, aka Saidin, brings a rich tapestry of experiences and values to Club 101. His journey, marked by adventure, business success, and a commitment to sustainability, inspires us to explore, grow, and build a community that transcends boundaries. 🌍💼✨

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