VI. Benefits ⭐️

"The greatest benefit is not what you get for it, but what you become by it." - John Maxwell

⭐ Benefits Pillar of Club 101: Maximizing Member Value

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Club 101 Benefits

In Club 101, the Benefits Pillar stands as a testament to our commitment to maximizing the value for our members. It encapsulates a broad range of privileges and incentives across all pillars, designed to enhance the Club 101 experience.

Quick Summary of Pillar Benefits:

  1. Knowledge Pillar: Access to a wealth of learning resources, workshops, and expertise in various domains.

  2. Opportunities Pillar: Exclusive early-stage investment opportunities and access to innovative projects.

  3. Partnerships Pillar: Strategic alliances that offer expanded services and community growth.

  4. Metaverse Pillar: Prime real estate in the metaverse, member-exclusive events, and creative expression opportunities.

  5. Services Pillar: Comprehensive professional Web3 services, from project support to specialized training.

In-Depth Look at Active Member Rewards

Our Active Member Rewards are designed to acknowledge and incentivize the contributions of our most engaged members. These rewards are divided into two categories: Holder Active Member Rewards (HAMR) 🔨 and Generative Active Member Rewards (GAMR) 🕹️.

Holder Active Member Rewards (HAMR)🔨:

  • Treasure Chests: Active Members receive Treasure Chests containing a share of the BAMR Reward Pool. These chests are distributed based on the type of Membership Holding:

    • Dragon NFTs: 5 Treasure Chests each.

    • WYRD Warden NFTs: 1 Chest each (Watyr, Fyre, Yrth, & Wynd).

    • WYRD Arbiter: 2 Chests each.

    • WYRD Lords & WYRD Emissary: 5 Chests each.

  • Staking and Activity Requirements: Members must stake their NFTs and fulfill the required activities to be eligible for these rewards.

  • Diverse Rewards: Treasure Chests may contain a variety of tokens, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets.

Generative Active Member Rewards (GAMR)🕹️:

  • Dragon NFTs: Receive Dragon Eggs, containing a range of gems, based on their Dragon-type.

  • WYRD NFTs: Awarded Gem Pouches, containing various gems, based on their WYRD type.

  • Ecosystem Integration: Gems can be used within the Club 101 ecosystem, fostering a fun and interactive environment.

  • Tracking and Participation: The system tracks member interaction, holdings, and participation, rewarding those who contribute significantly.

  • Diverse Prizes: Rewards include in-game items, crypto tokens, and NFTs, adding excitement and value to member engagement.

  • Club Leaderboards Engagement: Members utilize their NFT holdings, attached items, and XP earned through contributions to participate in the 'Club Leaderboards'. This competitive yet fun platform allows members to rank based on their engagement and achievements within the Club 101 community. Being active on these leaderboards not only highlights member contributions but also makes them eligible for a range of exciting prizes, further enhancing the rewards experience within Club 101.


The Benefits Pillar of Club 101 is more than just a rewards system; it is a comprehensive framework that recognizes and enhances the active participation of our members. Through HAMR 🔨 and GAMR 🕹️, we strive to create an engaging and rewarding environment, ensuring that our members are not only participants but key contributors to the Club 101 community.

Join Club 101 and unlock the full spectrum of benefits, empowering your journey in the Web3 world and beyond. ⭐🌐🚀

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