The Diamond Hunters 💎

💎 Diamond Hunters - Seek the Shimmering Gem

Exclusive to Club 101 Members (holders of Club 101 WYRD or Dragon NFTs)

🌌 Embark on a Legendary Quest: Join the ranks of the Diamond Hunters in Club 101's thrilling challenge - The Diamond Hunt! Within the mystical Den of Dragons, lies the coveted Diamond Gem, awaiting the most cunning and timely hunter.

How to Join the Hunt:

  • Show Your Intent: Signal your readiness to hunt by dropping the bow and arrow emoji 🏹 in the #diamond-hunters channel.

  • Await the Unveiling: @thereal_gizmo1, our master of games, holds the secret of the exact moment the Diamond Gem will emerge, shared only with trusted guardians for fairness.

  • Be the Quickest: When Gizmo releases the Diamond Gem into the channel, aim to be the hunter whose arrow 🏹 is closest in time before the gem's appearance.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Patience Between Shots: After each entry, allow four other hunters to take their turns before shooting again.

  • Fair Play: Mods, Admins, and Ancient Dragons are excluded from participating in the hunt.

The Prize of Glory:

🏆 The Diamond Hunters Wheel

  • Weekly Spin: Every Friday, the Diamond Hunters Wheel spins, determining the victor.

  • Champions' Recognition: Winners are honored on The Diamond Hunters Champions List in the Hall Of Heroes, marking their triumph in this quest.

Step into the realm of Diamond Hunters, where precision and timing are your greatest allies. Claim your prize, earn your glory, and perhaps your name will be next to grace the revered Hall Of Heroes! 🏹💠🎖️

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