The Dragon Duels 🐉

🐉 Dragon Duels - Unleash Your Inner Fire

Open to All Discord Members

🔥 The Arena Awaits: The roar of dragons resounds across the realm, calling warriors to the Dragon Duels. Here, in the #dragon-duels Discord channel, competitors engage in fierce showdowns of wit and strategy - all driven by the capricious luck of the Rumble Bot.

How to Enter:

  • Engage in Battle: Click the ⚔️ emoji to enter. Remember, without your entry, luck won't even get a chance to favor you!

More Than Just Duels:

🎲 Master of Games - Gizmo's Live Games

  • Schedule: Join us Monday and Friday at 9:30 PM EST in the #dragon-duels channel.

  • Open For All: Every Club 101 Discord Member is invited to partake in these thrilling live games!

Elevate the Excitement:

🏆 Win Your Spot on the Dragon Duels Wheel!

  • The Prize: Triumph in the duels and earn your place on the Dragon Duels Wheel.

  • Ultimate Glory: Winners of the Wheel will have their names enshrined in the #hall-of-heroes and receive the prestigious Quest of Glory - Dragon Duels Champion Badge!

Join the Dragon Duels to test your mettle, earn your place among champions, and maybe, just maybe, you'll rise as the next legend in the Hall of Heroes! 🌟🐲

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