The VIP Dragon Duels 🔐

🔐 VIP Dragon Duels - For the Club's Inner Circle

Exclusive to Club 101 Members (holders of Club 101 WYRD or Dragon NFTs)

🌟 Elite Battlegrounds: The VIP Dragon Duels are where Club 101's elite converge. Held twice daily in the #VIP-dragon-duels channel, these duels are a display of skill and prestige, peppered with a healthy dose of animated gifs for good measure.

How to Enter:

  • Prestigious Arena: Access is exclusive to members holding WYRD or Dragon NFTs.

  • Gizmo's Live Games: Experience the apex of competition with Gizmo's Live Games, Tuesday to Thursday at 9:30pm EST.

The Ultimate Showdown:

🏆 Win Your Spot on the VIP Dragon Duels Wheel!

  • Earn Your Glory: Dominate the duels to secure your position on the VIP Dragon Duels Wheel.

  • Champions' Honor: Wheel winners will be immortalized on the VIP Dragon Duels Champions' List in the Hall Of Heroes and awarded the Quest of Glory - VIP Dragon Duels Champion Badge!

Step into the VIP Dragon Duels, where only the best of Club 101 clash. Prove your worth, become a champion, and carve your name in the annals of our prestigious Hall of Heroes! 🛡️🐉🏅

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